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FDA to set new limit on arsenic in apple juice

After more than a year of public pressure from consumer advocates and concerned parents, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday that it will set a new limit on the level of arsenic allowed in apple juice, matching the threshold currently permitted in drinking water.

Any apple juice containing more than 10 parts per billion could face removal from the market and its manufacturers could risk legal action, the agency said. FDA officials emphasized that the agency has been monitoring arsenic levels in apple juice for decades, and that the overwhelming number of products on the market already meet such a standard.

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A Liter of Water a Day Washes the Fats Away

Brenda Davy, associate professor of human nutrition, foods, and exercise in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech, and her team of researchers reviewed all these studies.

Rebecca Muckelbauer, renowned expert in Nutrition Sciences at the Berlin School of Public Health, Charité University Hospital in Berlin, also did a similar review as people often ask her if it is possible for them to lose weight by drinking water. These inquiries convinced her to revisit all the studies related. Among 11 studies they found, three of them showed the possibility of losing weight.

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Pepsi Plans to Reduce Amount of Cancer Chemical in Soda

While the Pepsi sold in Calif. had been modified in compliance to the state provisions, those sold outside the state still have high amounts of 4-MEI. Coca-Cola has removed the chemical in their sodas and used a different substance instead to color there drinks.

Pepsi responded to the allegations and said that they were already working on modifying their manufacturing process by coordinating with their coloring suppliers. The soda maker promised that by 2014, all their products sold in the U.S will have a reduced amount of 4-MEI.

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Could SKIMMED milk be contributing to obesity epidemic? Low-fat dairy can encourage weight gain, say experts

It is generally thought that by drinking skimmed milk you can get whole milk’s benefits – Vitamin D, calcium and protein amongst others – without the fat and calories.

By reducing the fat, the skimmed milk is certainly lower in calories, but the authors of the study -David Ludwig, of Boston’s Children Hospital, and Dr. Walter Willett, of the Harvard School of Public Health – believe lower calorie beverages do not necessarily mean lower calorie intake.

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Milk does a body good? Maybe not always, Harvard doc argues

Milk: Celebrities are constantly asking if you’ve got any, because, as the long-running ad campaign says, it does a body good. But a Harvard pediatrician is arguing that the current U.S. recommendation of three servings of dairy a day isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. For some, it may be a significant source of additional sugar and calories.

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