Dancing for Exercise? Six Big Mistakes To Avoid

I am not the first person to note that dancing is both great fun and great exercise.  The combination of movement and music is exhilarating! And you can pick an appropriate intensity for whatever your mood and fitness goal–whether it’s a sexy salsa with your significant other, a zingy zumba class at the gym, a dignified waltz with Uncle Freddie, or some serious suicidin’ & downrockin’ with all your b-boy & b-girl buddies.

(And just how pathetically obvious is it that I know absolutely nothing about urban dance?)

But what if… horror of horrors…  you’re doing it all wrong? The repercussions could be as minor as an eyeroll from your significant other, up to far more dire scenarios ending in serious injury, insanity, or death.

Sound like fun?

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OK, I’m exaggerating, as usual.  Dancing is only rarely a fatal activity.  But playing on fears of doing something “wrong” is one of the time honored ways of getting people to click on links and read things!

But here’s what I’ve managed to scrape up in the way of advice:

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