Red Riding Hood


100 % All Natural 

 (Each capsule = 220mg)


  • Increase your Orgasm, get strong ejaculations
  • Get Hard Erection, improve immune system & kidneys.
  •  Regain Your Manhood, Increase Sperm,
  • Strengthen your back, prostate, waist & thighs


Made OF 100% Natural Male Tonic herbal that contains no synthetic chemical or hormones with the goal of promoting sexual performance, rigidity, duration as well as enhancing sexual pleasure. 

Description: 8 tablets in one pack. (1 month’s supply)

Benefits:  Impotence Aid, Helping in Erection problem, Cures Premature ejaculation and Increases Sex Desire, and more health benefits

  • Improving the male physique
  • Strengthening men’s energy
  • Invigorating the kidney speedily

Directions: Take one tablet EVERY three days (NO LESS). To be taken 30-40 minutes before going to physical exertion or sex, one tablet each time with glass of Warm Water. 

Precaution: People with serious heart disease, high blood pressure, are not allowed to take this product. It can’t be taken together with western medicine. Can’t be reused within 24 hours.

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